Lafayette County, Missouri
Mt TaborCemetery

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Mt Tabor Cemetery

Surname Given name birth death other info
BUCHANANRobert B.Sept. 1, 1891Oct. 15, 1896son of P. W. & Ida
BUCHANANPharas W.18591930 
BUCHANANIda B.18681938 
MARTINRoyJuly 22, 1891May 6, 1917 
MARTINGeorge H.Feb. 19, 1853June 9, 1928 
MARTINAddie L.May 2, 1856Jan. 31, 1913wife of G. H.
MARTING. H.Aug. 10, 1883Dec. 23, 1904 
STOCKSTONGeorge W.18521914 
DONNALDSONG.Jan. 15, 1829April 20, 1908 
MARTINAlva G.Jan. 28, 1911Jan. 30, 1911 
BATESBessie O.Oct. 9, 1882Feb. 12, 1901wife of John
MARTINN. H.May 3, 1822Feb. 15, 1899 
MARTINSarahJan. 3, 1825Sept. 19, 1914wife of N. H.
PHILLIPSWilliam HenryDec. 30, 1809July 4, 1900son of J. T. & Myriam
PHILLIPSMyriam Jackson18791916wife of J. T.
SMITHSONEmily G.April 20, 1810June 19, 1879wife of Tyree
SMITHSONLucinda R.Sept. 16, 1844July 6, 1881daughter of Tyree & Emily
FOXMaggie B.Jan. 22, 18851887daughter of J. H. & Mary
DALHOUSE Anna M.April 12, 1864Dec. 16, 1897wife of S. A.
McBURNEYBennie B Aug 18817d
son of S. L. & M. C.
FOXCharles18771921Masonic Emblem
JONESWilliam W.18641907 
JONESJulia A. Utt18691938 
MCBURNEYWilliam W.18821882 
MCBURNEYCena V.18751887 
MCBURNEYMary Virginia18461877 
MCBURNEYSamuel L.18461928 
YANCEYS. L.Nov. 3, 1820May 30, 1893 
YANCEYCatherine MorellNov. 24, 1821Sept 29, 1918b near Abington, Virginia
wife of S. L.
JONESThomas F.June 4, 1816Feb. 11, 1875 
JONESMary G. SmithsonNov. 30, 1841Jan. 24,1908wife of Thomas F.
HUSKELLSidney McNeilJan. 11, 1874July 26, 1876son of J. David Vernon

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