Lafayette County, Missouri
Mt Hope Cemetery

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Mt Hope Cemetery

Surname Given name birth death other info
ADAMS Maria B. 18211889m: 1840, Charles Van Anglen
m: 1861, George W. Smith
BANKSGordon1856 55y
BANKSWm. 18514m 1d
son of G. & G.
COOPER Sept. 4, 1876Sept 4, 1876infant daughter of B. & E. E.
CHRISMANJos. 187176y
CHRISMANJane 187567y
EDWARDSJohn 187561y
FREEMANSusan 185153y
HENTONBenjamin E. 185932y 8m
HENTONElizabeth Thornton   wife of Col. W. David
MADDOXSusan C.18321873wife of Rev. J. W.
MCDUSIERHugh 184032y
SHROYERT. J. 184844y
VAN ANGLENSyghe17761884b: in NJ
wife of Cornelia
VAN ANGLEN  1847infant son of C. & M.
VAN ANGLENMary M. 18554y
daughter of C. & M.
VAN ANGLENCharles July 16, 185948y
VAN ANGLENEmma B. 18421m
daughter of C. & M.

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