Lafayette County, Missouri
Hughes Family Cemetery

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Hughes Family Cemetery

Surname Given name birth death other info
HUGHES James H. March 25, 1802 Sept. 25, 1859  
HUGHES Benton D Nov. 5, 1823   buried Aug. 18, 1846 in Texas
son of Jas. H.
HUGHES John Dec. 25, 1826 Oct. 29, 1830 son of Jas. H.
HUGHES Martha S April 5, 1829   buried in Oregon, Jan. 11, 1853
daughter of Jas. H
HUGHES Caleb D March 26, 1831 May 7, 1855 son of Jas. H
HUGHES Corbley June 2, 1833 May 9, 1880 buried at Greenton
child of Jas H
HUGHES Jas. Wm Sept. 5, 1835 April 9, 1865 killed at Fort Blakely in Mobile Bay,
a soldier of the C. S.
grandchild of Jas. H.
HUGHES Matilda April 1, 1838 Oct. 15, 1860 grandchild of Jas. H.
HUGHES Roland S Nov. 29, 1840 Dec. 11, 1893 granchild of Jas. H.
HUGHES Hardy H Sept. 3, 1844 March 18, 1916 grandchild of Jas. H.
HUGHES Matilda Feb. 15, 1853 June 2, 1872 grandchild of Jas H.
HUGHES Henrietta   Sept. 15, 1856 age 2m 2d
daugthter of C. & C. J.
granddaughter of Jas. H.
HUGHES Claude H Dec. 29, 1869 July 12, 1871 son of R. S. & M. A.
HUGHES Oakley Sept. 11, 1873 son of R. S. & M. A.
HUGHES Rowland S Jan. 24, 1885 July 15, 1885 son of R. S. & M. A.
HUGHES Sammie & Lillie     (babies)
children of C. & L.
REYNOLDS Aubrey H. Oct. 18, 1883 April 13, 1891 son of A. J. & F. R.
GRAVES Anne E   July 2, 1858 age 21y 8m 1d

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